There is nothing like a harmonious and original celebration. Our balanced packages make your choice of main course or buffet components easy.  In addition, we offer delicious treats for the palate at reasonable prices.

Sample menu 1: 

Use the menu on this site as a tool so you can create your own menu choosing foods that your guests will enjoy.   

This package includes:

  • Dinner rolls with butter
  • Seasonal Greens Salad with Roasted Onion Balsamic
  • Rosemarry Roasted Red Potato
  • Tomato Basil Penne Vodka
  • Lemon Thyme Jus Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Grouper Provencal
  • Hot Seasonal Vegetable
  • Coffee, Tea, and Condiments

Price for this menu is as a buffet

Does not include tax or waitstaff

Price: $17.00 per person

Photo gallery:

Things to keep in mind when planning your event menu.




  • Have a budget in mint that you want to work around, let us know what that budget is, i will be able to drect you tword the food items that will be within your budget.
  • Try to please the majority of your guestes, any special needs or allergies please let us know and we will take care of those guests.
  • The venu you may have chosen may not allow for certain foods to be served due to equipment, location etc.. If quality will suffer i will suggest a alternate food that will work for that location.
  • Give an Adult count and Child count when reporting your guest count.
  • Within 7 days prior to your event no changes to the menu or guest count can be made. 7 days is vey reasonable compared to most other caterers, we can do this due to the fact that all your food items are made fresh for your event only.
  • Have fun planning the menu and be creative.

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Interested in our catering packages?

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